Hi Annette!
I'm thrilled someone liked our kitchen enough to publish the photos in a magazine again! I just want you to know, I still absolutely love my kitchen and enjoy being in it every day!

Irene M.
Laguna, California
January 2012
5 Years After Remodel

Dear Annette,
I hope you recall our project in Costa Mesa. I have to tell you that every time we go see a new model home or other people's remodel, my husband comes back into our kitchen and remarks on how much better our kitchen and cabinetry looks in comparison. He has made this remark several times in the last 2 years, so I wanted to share the glory with you. Going with the extra mouldings and the stain has just pleased us so much. The island allows for such a great flow through the area, not to mention the great storage space!

Gina P.
Costa Mesa, California
July 2007
2 Years After Remodel

Annette... I so miss you. We are starting up our Indio home and we need you!

Gina P.
Costa Mesa, California
November 2011
6 Years After Remodel

Hi Annette,
I've had many compliments on the beautiful outcome of the kitchen - thank you for designing it!

Carla M.
Newport Beach, California
September 2008

Hello Annette,
Thanks for your help and working so nicely with Kimberly(clients' wife). She is so happy!

Earl V.
Newport Beach, California
March 2008

Thank you Annette!
We get many compliments on the kitchen! Thank you Sooo much!

Angie M.
Costa Mesa, California
January 2008
1 Year After Remodel

Hi Annette,
We're really enjoying the cabinetry in our almost-completed home! We get lots of compliments. Thanks for helping us.

Peg G
Santa Monica, California
October 2006
1 Year After Remodel

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